How to correct Softbody with existing Armature? SOLVED

Sorry coudn’t find a precise existing thread about this:

I applied weightpainting on a caracter. Right after, i gave it a Armature modifier.
Now, i desperately need to modify the softbody’s weightpaint… but i juste can’t get out of the bone’s posemode weightpaint!! :no: It always comes to this, whatever i do…
How can i get to the softbody weightpaint mode??
:spin: Please…!



Aswming that you are in Wieght Paint mode press F9 go to Link and Materials panel and press New-button .It will create new group( name it like GroupSoftBody).Back to the 3D view and painting what you want.When all is OK go to F7 >Physics buttons>Soft Body panel>Use Goal pop-up choice GroupSoftBody:)
Hope this helps!
p.s Note that :for Soft Body Wieght 1 is “pin” and 0 is “flow”

Helped out fine. Works like a charm!

Great Thanks and best wishes for your creativity.