How to correctly delete bone shapes??!

So, i had a bunch of shape bones made for my armature. I needed to redone evrything from scratch so i went and deleted all my shapes.

What is my surprise, that when i parent my armature with the mesh again, and i start adding new shapes, the older ones are still there??? and no one single new shape i try to use will work?? i dont have the physical shape meshes in my scene… i deleted em… how is that blender still thinks they are still there???

If i go to assign a shape into the bone tab, and i click the dropdown list to select the shape i can still see the older shapes!?

How can we reset bone shapes???

Any solution to this bug?

Thanks in advance.

So, i opened the project again, and this time it correctly deleted all residual shapes except 3 of em. i closed blender and opened it again, and all the residual shapes are finally gone.

So it seems, its a problem that when you delete bone shapes, they are still there until you close the project and you open it again… (sometimes more than once…).