How to correctly make your character hold an object?

Say I’m having a minion. From Frame XX he starts holding the goggles pulling it off and throw it away at Frame XX+YY

I’ve tried setting Copy Loc/ Copy Rot/ Child of constraint and tweaked with their settings (offset, influence, Local space,world space,…) but nothing good came…

Any suggestion?

You want the object to stay where you put it so I ad drives(Edit I remember now) you can pick up, put down,change from hand to hand with this rig. Ill look for a blend file.

I remember.Use a second empty for original location and ad the same constraints and use the same object as a driver just use negative number so when you turn on one drive you turn off the other so when it is released from one empty it goes to the other. the other empty is where the object will go. If you put the hand empty right on the object location when you move the drive there is no jump. that is why the object location is on the surface of the object. When you put the hand near the new location you can drop it with few tweaks or just place it on the location of the object (goggles) location.

A empty for the hand and one for the googles one switch to make it jump from one empty to the other empty.
I hope that is understandable.

Yes! That’s it. Empty… Never made use of it before. Gonna give it a try. Thanks a lot!

Can you share a blend file?

Ok I give up now. Can you help me do the thing? :frowning:

Here is a quick job I did not have time to ad a second empty. When you release the object from the hand with the driver it will go to the head you need a empty with copy location and rotation for the head gear to go to, a new location.
Move the drive to the right.

Thanksss. Thought you wouldnt…
Anyway, so you should set those constraint to use world space, shoulnt you?