How to create 1 uvmap with tiled textures for an intire cabin?

Heya guys,

I’m working on this cabin and it has to be implanted into a game.
Meaning I have to create 1 2048x2048 uvmap for a cabin that consists of multiple differend objects. they adviced me to uses tileable textures but I can’t fathom how you can use tillable textures in a uvmap that needs to have so many different textures in it…
I’ve unwraped all of the cabin now, and I’m stuck with 13 differend uvmaps that has to be reduced to 1 map with all uv’s in it … HELP! :S I just haven’t got a clue how to do this and it’s really getting to me for I’ve been trying to get this right fro the past 2 days… but I only seem to be messing things up.

Any advice would be welcome and a tutorial or some sort of : ‘this is how you do it in 10 simple steps’ would be even better.

Unless there is an accompanied file with textures and uvwrap, we can’t help you out. Other than that, it all depends on the material. divide your image in required segments.I suggest dividing in 3 horizontal segments. 2 for tile able textures, 1 for others.
It is a normal practice to add multiple textures in 1 file and unwrap your model over it.

He wants to tile parts of a single image. Tricky. There used to be a way…Most games don’t do it that way. Big objects use tiling textures, smaller objects use single textures baled with AO, the archived in a single sheet (4 crates, 2 barrel textures on 1 sheet).

i think “tilable texture” is only a hint how to texture the thing at all and not about doing one big image divided in parts with textures used as tiled textures.

For example:

make a cube and put a tiled texture on it, like to wrap the whole cube in it.

then unwrap it with single faces in the uvmap to a new created (empty) image
and bake the current texture to this image.

Now it can be - for the cube its easy - that most of it faces can be set to overlap in the baked uv-image, so you can spare some space.

But in the end you have to ask what game-engine and type they use - because it could be they use some special texture-mapping (for example with sub-splitted texture, thats a usage for a lot of 2.5D-view games, they use combined images). This is the cabin I was talking about… And this is the blendfile. everything on layer 2 should share the same uvmap and I just don’t fathom how… though your explanation does open a door… but how can I fit the u’vs of everything within the box, or can I scale them up outside the box?

Thanks for the fast reply!

ok here is little something for your. added few wood textures. Unwrapped some planks, other wood structure and just moved them a bit. you can duplicate lot of texture with this technique. check you model here:

Since your model is ready. first of all, check your model normals. they are inverted . Select all in Edit mode and “CTRL+N” to recalculate normals.
If you want to use the my unwrapping solution.

Let’s say, wooden planks in front of Cabin.

First seperate each plank. change their pivot point to center (Select all in edit mode, Center the curson on object and in OBject mode, set origin to 3d)

Then select all planks and unwrapped plank in last , then from object menu, select Object link all data +material.
In uvwrap windows, just move the faces where ever you want them .

so the picture seems to make a lot things more obvious.
Looks like there will be one main-texture: the wood
and a view other for the metal-waste-bins … etc.

For example if the one and only image would be seperated
in two parts and a wood-texture on the left side,
than this image and its left part can be used for all wood-parts.

Like dukejib noted, you have to unwrap everything to this image
step by step and move/scale the faces to the wood-part.
If the wood has some decent structure, you have to rotate
the uv-faces to match this.

But! from the setup of your objects, this looks like there are a lot of
faces, that will never be viewable – means, those faces are hidden
behind other and then you can save a lot of time if you only use the
viewable faces (or better, if you had build the objects in respect to this).

Thanks for the help guys The problem is now officially Solved :slight_smile:
Special thanks to Dukejib enTest-dr :smiley: