How to create 2D array of beads? Cascade modifiers?

I’m trying to make a curtain of beads, like this:

Keeping it basic so far, just a series of red beads along a path. I’m following along with chain tutorials (which use an array and a curve modifier on a torus).

I have a bead object with two modifiers on it: array and curve to follow the path. Then I also have an array modifier on the path across the doorway, but the array modifier on the path does not affect the beads, is there a way to “cascade” the modifier effect to the beads, too? Or any other procedural way (i.e. I can freely change the number of beads per line and the number of lines).

Just use a scond array modifier!

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Thank you! That works great for now, but asking another question for the future: how can I get the beads to follow the array modifier on the path? Should I just make multiple paths?

The situation I’ve considering is: what if I want a person to walk through this bead-curtain? I would want the bead chains to deform along the person, which would not be possible with a two array modifier setup since there is only 1 path, so the entirety of the curtain would be a single shape.

Oh, I think that’s an entirely different ballgame involving physics, since the pearls on the bottom would react much stronger than the ones on top. I would try and solve this with the following technique:

Of course, the single curtain strands would not only have to react to the person walking through, but also to each other and I’m not versed in physisc (yet), so I’m afraid you’ll have to do some intensive research and THEN build your curtain from what you already have.

I believe, animation-wise this would be a nightmare, since in the real world those strands would also tangle and intertwine each other to look realistic, and the mass of the pearls would also have to be realistic so they don’t jerk around like crazy.