How to create a 2nd object at the same location? - Flower and Vase

I have model a flower and exit from the edit mode. Now I want to model a vase by using plate / Edit mode / delete vertices / Ctrl RMB to create the vertices shape of the vase. However the Ctrl RMB doesn’t seems to work. No vertice is created.:mad: If I use a new screen, the Ctrl RMB works but if I create at the same screen as the flower, it doesn’t work. Please help

Another question, if I were to model the flower at a screen and the vase at another screen, how can I bring them together so that finally the flower is inside the vase? I heard that there is something call export but how to do that? Please help. Thanks.

In object mode, if you menu select Add > Mesh > Plane, each time you do that new object will be created. If you select one of the plane in object mode, and then go to edit mode, that plane is the only one that you can edit.

First of all to create verticies it’s ctrl-LMB, and you have to create a new object first before entering edit mode and adding verticies.

Soooo… you would create the flower first, exit edit mode, add a new object, enter edit mode with that object selected, add verticies as needed. If the polygons of the new object are selected while trying to add verticies, this will continually add more of what is selected, so you would have to deselect the objects verts first and then add your own.