How to create a 3D Stadium from 2D image?


I’m a noob to blender and was looking for some help on creating a basketball arena from a 2d image. Someone from a another forum who uses Bryce showed me a render that they did and I was looking for some direction on how to do this in blender. Here are the images that they created and the steps they used in Bryce to do it:

Here are the steps they used in Bryce:

basically the steps were create a terrain from the image. lighter areas are higher, darker lower. this basically just gave me the outline with unusable crap in the middle. Used the terrain editor’s round paintbrush to fill the center with all white, then with the soft edged brush added black. this results in a bowl shape. added a cylinder to form the outside of the stadium. flipped the bowl shape and squashed it to make the roof.
since its going to be fairly small, you should be able to get by with just using a sphere as the bowl shape instead of how i did it. or with the terrain editor stuff you could totally do that in photoshop and import that as your heightmap.

Can someone give me the steps needed in Blender to do the same? Remember, I’m a noob


Have you tried Noise? or is that what you are doing.

Noise works like a terrain map. it will move the verticies verticaly depending on their greyscale number. you get the immage onto a grid or some shape with lots of verticies and then press the noise button a few times.

As a question, what do you want as a final product? A half-sphere stadium or do you want to have diffrent shapes within the stadium for things like seats and the court in the middle? I couldnt understand the question clearly.

I want a half sphere stadium like this:

Once I get it can you tell me how to slice it like this:


Set your 2D image as your background. From the Num7 key (Top View), add a UV sphere. Go into Num1 (Front View), and using the B key, select the top half of the sphere and delete those vertices. Go back to top view. Shift + Ctrl + N, and recalculate normals inside. Scale your sphere to match your stadium image using the manipulator scaling widgets. (Look for Michael Jackson’s glove [or is it Mickey Mouse’s? {Ook}]) Split your view and set the new one to image editor. In your first screen, change it to UV Face Select. Select your 2D pic from the up/down arrow menu (made easy because you have it ready from your background view) Make sure all faces are selected (A key). Click on “Face” on the menu bar. Select unwrap, and from that menu select From Project View. You should now have something close in the Image Editor screen. Go there and do some final tweaking using the S key (scale) in combo with X and Y. Now, to split, go back to Editor Mode in one of your screens, select the verts you want to dissect, and hit the P key. Go to Object Mode and make sure you’ve selected texture for your viewing pleasure (looks like a sea mine at the top of the list). Select what you want to scarf off and pull it away.