How to create a bevel?


I started Blender recently (around 1 week ago) and I’ve encountered a problem :smiley:

I’ve watched many of Jonathan Williamson’s tutorials on CGCookie about topology (Those are very very good and easy to understand :smiley: ), because my first models were either with curves, or completely a mess.

Also, to train I asked a friend to design me a Scythe so that I could model it. It’s still a WIP, and I’d like some adivce.

Here’s how it is right now:

Now, my question is:

  • Since I’ve tried making it pretty organized and clean, with all the topology stuff I’ve read about, there is quite a huge number of faces there. I’m trying to make a small bevel, but with so many faces I can’t use the Indent face tool properly. How should I do it?

PS: Adding a subsurf will add an even bigger number of polys, and it doesn’t give quite the effect I want.

Thanks in advance,


you need to have a clean edge along the indent. you will need to go back and delete some vertexes, and remodel the area so that the edges line up with the intended geometry.

Sorry, I’m pretty new to this and I don’t really get what you are saying.

What do you mean by clean edge?

something like this:

I see, thanks I’ll try it