How to create a big money stack "Scrooge McDuck Style"?

Hello Blenderers !

I’m currently doing a model of Scrooge McDuck, and as background i’d need to achieve something of this kind for the money (coins only) :


I tried different processes, but none of it is good enough :

  • A plane with a displace to simulate the small hills, covered with coins as hairs particles : the easier and faster, but they are all clipping inside each others :x:

  • A rigid body sim with thousands of coins falling from the sky : thea most realistic, but far too heavy on RAM to be done. Even by doing from like 1000 coins by 1000 coins, it’s too long :x:

Does any of you has an idea on how to achieve this ? It wouldn’t be to fill as much space as on the picture, just a little corner, with Scrooge on top of it.

Thanks !

My guess is it would need a combination of things…
Split the scene into “layers”: e.g. foreground, mid and far planes. Then try do the minimum to represent the visible detail for each “layer”.
So, maybe simulate small piles of coins for the foreground (pre-model some coins to be small “stacks” to save the simulation time and force the look from your reference), then use elements of those piles as collection-instanced geometry in the mid-plane (geometry-nodes may solve the intersection issue with the Poisson-disk distribution option), and for the far-plane you should be able to get away with a normal-map that gives the illusion of “lots-of-coins”, but does not have to be precise.

Good luck!

to add to Zeroskilz’s answer, you could create a stack of coins, take a picture with transparency, import and duplicate your image to make the background

There was a tutorial from Blender Guru “How to Render Millions of Objects in Blender”:

maybe i wasn’t accurate ebough on what i wish to achieve. So here an image of what i want to do :

Not the whole money, just a little stack.

But here, the problem is that many coins are clipping.

Alright ! I finally found a way to. If it can helps anyone in the future, here is how to :

1 - First, create a square plane, the size you wish. Add it a passive rigid body
2 - Make a coin, use array modifier to make it fill your square in both length, then array it a bit on Z axis (like 3-5 times)
3 - Apply the arrays, give it an active ridig body
4 - Edit mode on it, Separate > Loose parts (every coins is now an independant object)
5 - Set Origin to Geometry for all those coins.
6 - Place it just a bit above the plane square you did before. Bake the Rigid Body Simulation in Scene Propertie tab (note : i’ve put the simulation in 300 frames)
7 - Once baked, go to the very end of the simulation. All the coins must have fall on the square (tip : add edges to your plane to avoid the coins to fall from it)
8 - Select the coins, apply transformation on the Rigid Body simulation, remove it, and join them all together in only one object
9 - Add a lattice, make it the size of your money-plane. Subdivide it enough to have some control on it, but not too much to avoid the coins to be deformed too much.
10 - Then, use the lattice grid to make some bumps/hills with the money.

Tip : if your PC is pretty slow with rigid body sim, make a smaller plane, and when finishing step 8, use an other array modifier to make several money-planes sticked together, and apply it when reaching the good size.

Congrats ! You’re now the richest duck in the world and can swim in your fortune. The coins will still be a very bit deformed by the lattice, but not that much. Result :

(work still in progress, but as you can see, no more clipping !)

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nice, the light is a bit strong though