How to create a carpet

Hi guys,

I often make an interior visualizations. Some time ago I made a project of apartment in warsaw and published the visualizations on forum.

Few people asked me how I made the carpet. It was the simple method- try, make mistakes and learn on them :smiley:
Anyway, I gathered all my experiences associated with the creation of that carpet and made some kind of tutorial

I hope that somebody will find it useful.

Reagrds, paulina.


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Fantastic! Thanks!

I’m also glad that you used subtitles. How dit you do that by the way?

Wonderful! Just what I was looking for, thanks for the tut :smiley:

Thanks guys, I’m glad that You like my tutorial. :slight_smile:
*bigpilot- I made subtitles in Premiere Pro. It was quite easy to make. I just loaded my movie and use “titles”, position it and exported as whole media file.

I need to make a rolled up roll of carpet. I’m thinking I just apply your technique to a narrow wide plane, then create a spiral curve and get the plane to follow spiral via an array & curve modifier. I’ll have to test this tonight, or are there other techniques for creating a rolled up roll of carpet?

Great result.
Did you bought yafaray? or is it on trunk? (pm me)

Yafaray is an open-source render engine. I sincerely recommend to all;-)

Very Nice :slight_smile:

Thanks. I liked the style of this tutorial. I learned a lot from it too.

Awesome, really helped me a lot. Thanks!

Great result, thanks!

Beautiful stuff. Thanks for sahring

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