How to create a curve along the object like a snake?


how can I create a curve/line along the object like a snake shape in the image?
Is there maybe a modifier/addon etc for this?

you use surface snapping to position your curve along the surface, then use alt S on the control points to adjust the diameter of your ‘snake’.

oh, and i just made a post in blender tests about an addon that does basically this.

which addon?

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You can also make a mesh line, give it a Skin modifier, and Shrinkwrap it:

You can taper the skin modifier by selecting individual verts and using Ctrl A:

Adding another subdiv modifier after the skin modifier will give it that nice, smooth, curve look.
And you can do this with very few vertices:

There’s just 12 here, I just added a single vert and extruded a few times.
Change to Above Surface and add a slight offset to get even better results:

Here’s my blend, if you want to play around with it:
snake_line.blend (894.4 KB)

This method has the advantage of automatically adjusting to match your mesh:

2022-06-23 20_56_22-Blender_ C__Users_Joseph_Downloads_snake_line.blend


In edit mode, select an edge which runs along the whole “snake”.

SHIFT+D to duplicate and then P to separate selection as a new mesh.

Under Object find “convert” and choose “mesh to curve”.

Edit: I just read your post again and realised that you didn’t want to make a curve follow the snake. You wanted to make the snake. My bad.

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You could save yourself a lot of time by just using a SCREW Modifier and a single vertice…

Also if you enable Curve>Extra objects…and it includes several different spiral curves…

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