How to create a donut

How can I create a donut shape in Blender?

You can add a NURBS donut, and then convert it to mesh with alt-c.

I wanted to create a curved tube. But inside the donut, I can’t change the thickness of the donut.

Go into side view, “1” or “3” (on numpad). Hit “Shift + C” for good measure. Create a circle. While in edit mode still, select all the vertices “a” in the circle and move it out to the right to half the diameter distance away from the center. Adjust the circle to whatever shape you want the donut to be.

Go into top view “7”. Goto editing “F9” and goto Mesh Tools. Change the Degr to 360. Change the steps to 12 or better (24 works nice). Press spin once. Press “a” to select all and again under mesh tools press “Rem Doub” (remove doubles). Also press “Ctrl + n” with all the vertices selected.

While still in editing with everything selected goto Links and Materials and select “set smooth”. Go to the modifier tab while still in editing and click the modifier button to “subsurf” and adjust that however you want.

A complete donut. Hope this helps and helps anyone else who reads it.

P.S. If at any time you don’t like the donut but like the shape or circle, delete all the other vertices except the original circle and start again with your shape.

Changing the thickness of any tube-like geometry (Mesh):

  • Select all of the geoemtry
  • [Alt][S]


Another trick I’ve learn in Blender.

I was feeling a bit curious as to why one would need the Shrink/Fatten thing and I was wondering how to increase the thickness of a donut without undo and create again.

Thanks Hoeher!