How To Create A Fuzzy Texture?

I know there are several tutorials on creating hair/fur, but what about fuzzy textures? Specifically, I am thinking about creating a material that looks like a fuzzy fabric called antron fleece (you can see a picture of a mouse head made from it here).

How could a material like that be created?

Sure you can. absolutely ANYTHING is possible in blender :smiley:
TO create that material, teh physically accurate way would be to use a python fiber generator. But to be more economical, you can use particles(fur) to achive the same effect.

Like the Bible says “I can do all things through Blender, which strengthens me”.
Well along, long, long time ago, before strands, back in the old days of Blender (back in 2004, 2005?) I started creating a portrait of a person wearing a beanie (or as some call it a sock hat) that had that sorta texture to it. Here’s what I did (I wish the pic was still hosted), I made my beanie mesh, then I applied the simple sweater sorta texture I found on the internet, then I duplicated my mesh and resized it bloating it and applied the same texture with alpha properties, then agian. I’ll post it when I get home tonight (no blender on this comp).

I have a similar texture. Looks like fuzzy moss. I played with it, but couldnt change it to white.

I dont understand masking enough to reverse the colors. If you want a copy of it, pm me your email and I will email it to you.

Its not much, but if you know your stuff, maybe it can help? LOL.