how to create a glowing cube

(msdawy) #1

Good Morning…
i have a small question…
let’s assume i have a cube. i want this cube to glow. i want to make it in a way, such that there are sparkles that move from the top to the bottom of the cube. i hope you get what i mean. it’s like lightning passing over the cube. it is a famous effect done in many games… :slight_smile:

how to do this in blender?
thank you very much…

(Dittohead) #2

Blender rendering engine(or lack there of) does not support glows and stuff.

There was a plug-in but i never got it to work.

(wiseman303) #3

Is this for a game? If so, try using an alpha texture and animating it with python.

(S68) #4

DUplicate your cube, subdivide it A LOT add an halo material with same colour and pretty low alpha to this finer mesh and you’ll fake glowing quite decently (It wont shed light though)

Absolutely NOT, but you can have sparkles going everywhere by adding aparticles to the mesh or by adding a texture and animating it…