How to create a HDR map?

Just wondering if someone knows how to create a HDR map from a full 360 deg. panorama image or software that will do the same.

No handy tutorial but (somewhat dated) resources on the following page covers theory and practice using old HDR Shop, etc.

I’m starting to put the word out: I’ll be launching a new website on April 16th; The site will be providing matched sets of 360 HDR panormas, video footage (with camera tracking already performed and the finished .blend provided), and backplates. Most sets will be matched in terms of exposure and color. In addition, I’ll be doing some tutorials on creating HDR panos, editing, and the like- geared specifically towards BlenderHeads. Getting the equipment and software up to speed has been a bit of an investment, but it’s not rocket science- just a real time killer until you get the workflow down.

Anyway, until then:

Here are some links to tutorials I myself have used:

Learning the basics of HDR photography helps a bit as well:

If you make it to the point of actually taking some bracketed exposures, you’ll need a good piece of software to do the stitching:

Thanks, Just what i was looking for; now to read up and figure out the workflow as you mentioned. I’m going to be doing some video matchmoving with cycles as the renderer because the grain will match the vid footage well and just figured i’d go ahead and use some hdr maps for the reflections and environmental lighting to make it more realistic.