How to create a landscape from real contour lines map?

Hello everybody. My first question in this forum…
Is possible to create a 3D landscape from a topographic map? I mean…directly, or almost directly.
For the moment, I know I can use BSurface, and I can import a topographic map as an image or as an .obj file from other CAD software, but then I have to redraw every contour line using the grease pencil. So…there’s some way to use these imported contour lines directly to create a 3D landscape? Perhaps using another add-on?
Thank you

You can convert mesh into curves - Alt-C (and set curve type to bezier). Now Bsurfaces will work. If the mesh is tangled you’d need to separate curves and add back into one curve object while keeping needed order. Bsurfaces "Reorder’ functionality is broken afaik.

Isn’t it easier to use height maps with displace modifier.