How to Create a Lightsaber in Blender - Part 2 (Materials)

The second part to a Blender tutorial series I’m creating:

Both your tutorials are straight forward enough in terms of writing and instruction, easy to read, no obvious things left out etc. However I noticed a few things that you may want to consider for future tutorials:

  1. I get a a lot of lag when scrolling your page (could just be me, but it is very annoying and doesn’t make me want to come back).
  2. It feels very cramped, is there a reason for the content area to be so narrow?
  3. It is also annoying to have to click on the links to see various settings and then have this huge image open with lots of things I don’t need to know about. e.g. this one. Why not just crop out the relevant section?

Hello, Fade!

Starting with 1, I’m not sure why you get a lot of lag when scrolling the page; I have no problem when doing so, and I’ve tried it on multiple computers as well.

As far as it being cramped, I’ll fix that. You’re right, it does feel cramped. I’ll expand it out some.

And about the extra image info, I’ll try to edit the images of the tutorials to change that. I’m not sure why I did that at first, but thanks for telling me that you don’t like it (no, that wasn’t sarcasm). If you find anything else you don’t like about my blog, tell me so I can fix it. I’m trying to make it as good and comfortable as possible, so all criticism is welcome. Thanks for telling me about these things, and I’ll fix them as soon as possible.

G’day SSimpossible,

I did some more testing, and I still get the lag issue on different computers with different browsers, so it’s probably my connection. Apologies for not seeing this earlier.

Keep up the good work on the tutorials, I’m always glad to see more text based ones around.

I changed the width, and in my most recent tutorial (I’m still waiting for the moderators to approve it, but you can still see it here: ) I made sure the images weren’t nearly as large, and didn’t contain any unnecessary information. Tell me if you still think the tutorial columns are too narrow, or the images still aren’t right. Glad to hear you like 'em, though, and thanks for reading them, too!

That looks much better. Much easier to read. The only other thing I could suggest is now that you’ve cropped some of the images, there’s probably no need to link to them since they’re easy to see. e.g. the output image.

Generally speaking, when writing educational material it’s best to limit things that take people “away” from the main document unless absolutely necesary. This also makes it more convenient for people who print it or want to save a copy. I don’t know anything about blogspot though, so I don’t know if linking images this way is necesary.

Alright, I took your advice. I also made it so that the larger images will show up in new windows, so people can still see the site, and just close out of the window. I’ve only done it for this tutorial though. I probably won’t redo the other ones, but I’ll do this for the rest of my tutorials from here on out.