how to create a minimap with/on a plane?


Can anyone point me in the right direction to make a minimap?
I have searched the net for it but they are to old or incomplete.

I found a nice minimap system (i think) but its already 2+ years old and the script is not
completely on screen so cant copy that (low python experience).

This is the minimap i have found:
//edit: at 10:50 u see the map in action

what it does is:

  • make plane, bake the “level” in ortho mode on that plane.
  • make little icons with .mini, and then show via python on the plane.

also what i prefer is that i can use the plane(minimap) in an overlay scene
(is this even possible?)

But how would i do this?
Can someone help me out with this?

ps: ive tried the overhead cam and a vieport, but this is not the kind of map i want.
i want the whole map to be visible (like in the vid) so that i can look at the map for directions aswell.

Thanks alot,

I am sure we can make it work.

It;s unbelievable that i post a question about a tutorial and the owner is the one who replies :D.

I Really thank you for making a minimap and showing me the proces how u did it.
after a few problems on my side (caused by the location of the plane when making the plane for the first time xD) it works like a charm and i love it.

Thanks again,

from bge import logic, texture

scene_main = None
for scene in logic.getSceneList():
        if == "main":
            scene_main = scene
mapcam = scene_main.objects["mapcam"]

cont = logic.getCurrentController()
own = cont.owner

matID = texture.materialID(own, "IMmap")
map_png = texture.Texture(own, matID)

source = texture.ImageRender(scene_main, mapcam)
source.background = (20, 20, 20, 255)

map_png.source = source

def main():

all you have to do is put an always sensor(true pulse enabled) to a plane(in a different scene) and make a uv test grid on the plane and name the mat of the plane “map” ill post a screen shot if you need it

Hey @sk8rinTtown,

Thank for the help, and showing an other way to do it.
But @Josip_Kladaric already helped me out and showed me the proces of how it is done.

But this is also great for players who where looking after this.

Thank you.