How to create a mist for multiple cameras that have 360 degree renders?


I’ve not had much experience with mist in Blender and found this excellent tutorial that gets me the effect I’m after in my render although I would have the mist starting a lot further away but you get the idea.

Problem is though is that all my renders will be from multiple cameras with 360 degree view shots (no animation) which I will use then for a virtual tour of the modelled school buildings and it’s surrounding grounds. Something like Google Street View. I can’t work out how to get a nice mist effect in the distance that’s visible when I look around in all directions. I can do it easily looking just in one direction which is the same as the tutorial but do I need to make some sort of mist dome that surrounds each 360 camera so that the mist looks natural in all directions from each of the camera spots?

Does any kind person here have experience with 360 degree renders that could advise me please?

I’m using LTS Blender 2.93.5



volumetric lighting in eevee is very quick, you may wabt to look into that too, as it can cover your scene entitrely, so no camera dependance.

heres a simple setup using voronoi and a gradient to produce mist/fog.

Quick render…