How to create a nice background when seen from above

I am creating a room, and of course it has windows. Now I want to be able to render it seen slightly from above… This has given me a hard time with the background! I let you guys have a look at it!

I would love either a bright sky or a skyline at nighttime… So basically pictures… Are there any easy way to make a nice background when it’s seen from this angle?

post your blend file

Put a plane outside your window, texture the plane with the image of the skyline or sunset or what have you, then move the plane around until you get the look you want.

That’s a pretty extreme angle, though, so you’ll need to find photographs taken from approximately the same angle to make it look realistic. Try searching for ‘aerial views’ or ‘looking down from a tall building’.

It becomes very dark and blurry.

I made it work! Thanks :wink: