how to create a pile of objects ?

is it possible to use a particles system along a curve path then have to accumulate to create a pile of
something like wood ships or charcoal’s pieces in a box or may be looking like a triangular pile in a box ?

all done in cycles
and no BGE

thanks for any feedback
happy cl

You mean this? :wink:

Rigid Body (manual)


that might work for some of the piles

trying to test one

and I assign like a bucket as passive objects
but some of the active objects seems to pass right through it
is there a parameter to change so it does not ?

also object are very small
so is there a way to like begin to fill a box then apply it to keep what has been accumulated there
and start again with other object to increase size of the pile

one thing here is that the more objects the slower it becomes

happy bl

I tried with simple objects
but many are flying right through the floor of the bin

what parameters can be change to stop object going outside of the bin
and some objects are flying up too !

happy bl


Falling through does happen. And, of course, the calculations of rigid body physics take their time. One of the solution is to check our Scene tab and increase Step Per Second and Solver Iterations parameters. By default they are 60 and 10; getting some 240 or more for SPS and an elevated value for SI may help, as the calculations become more exact. But at a cost of baking time, of course.

Good luck!