How to create a ring around something

Hi, I was trying to create a bracelet around a character’s arm. I created a torus, scaled and edited it to get the shape that I wanted, but now I am trying to fit it on the character’s arm and always there are a bit of the bracelet that gets inside the arm, so it looks weird. What can I do to fit it correctly?

If these objects overlap, you’ll have to change the shape and/or size of one of them. Now that the bracelet is positioned on the arm, you can see where adjustments need to be made, probably to the arm (if you want to keep the bracelet as-is).

Though even if you get this fitted properly, know that when posing or animating you may still get intersections between objects like a characters body and close-fitting clothing/accessories. Cloth, Soft body and Rigid body simulations could be used, and can be set up to minimize these intersections.

But these issues can still crop up in certain situations, and may simply be hidden by adjusting camera angles, by using compositing, or other ‘tricks’.

Hope that helps, and welcome to the community!