how to create a script that runs while an animation renders


i’ve made a wee script that will make animations easier for myself (im currently refining it so i can post it here so others can use, more of that when that happens). basically, this is a script similar to camera changer, one that affects objects depending on the frame number. i couldnt get camera changer to work when i clicked anim.

so, what im asking is there a way or a piece of code im missing that will allow my script to run during render, after i click anim for every frame thats rendered? maybe im not running the python script right, or iterating it enough…my script works fine, if i run it using in blender it does exactly what i want it to depending on the frame, but i can only seem to have it running once, not in the background as i want.

thanks guys!

Assign it as a frame change script link. Then everytime you change the frame (like blender does when it animates) your script will be evaluated.

thanks forTe, you’re a lifesaver! tehe.