How to create a shadow in this scene??

I have a “plane as image” for the background pic. I thought I could then add a plane, to represent the “ground”, upon which I could cast a shadow of the falling text object. However, the entire background image needs to be visible, and the plane needs to intersect at a position that cuts off the lower portion of the background image.

Is there a way in which to cast a shadow on a plane, without the plane being visible? Or, is there another process with which I could reflect a shadow of this falling text as it nears the “ground”?

Here’s a link to the blend file, and I sincerely appreciate the time someone might take to help resolve this. I feel like I’m about ready for a final render, if this issue can be solved:

This was Image imported as Plane. Loopcut, correct UVs and make 2 materials out of it.
You do not have images packed in file btw.

OK, eppo. First, thanks a bunch for the input. I get the concept now; however, when I attempt the loop cut/slide, it doesn’t let me “slide” the cut. Therefore, it’s simply distorting the image/plane from the midpoint of the image.

I “think” I’ve packed the images (although it keeps listing two that it can’t locate…that I think are irrelevant?), and here’s a new link if you have time:

Thanks again, eppo, for the tutoring…and in the past as well!!

After you slide loopcut and texture gets distorted checkmark on T-panel this box:

If the distortion still is too big you can add two or more loopcuts - dozen or so added vertices wont hurt much ;).
Glad if i had helped!