How to create a streetlamp effect at night???

Can anybody please tell me or point me in the direction of a tutorial that explains how to create the effect of light coming from a streetlamp model that looks realistic?

The scene I am working on is a darkly lit street and I want ambient street lighting which illuminates the ground and walls but doesn’t light up the whole scene.

I have tried googling blender streetlamp but have not found anything as yet.

Try the HALO effect for a spotlight. It is kind of a fake volumetric that Blender offers.

For an actual streetlamp model, try or Turbo squid offers a 3D model search for free items as well.

Thanks for the reply.

I have played with the Halo effect but it does not do what I am wanting it to.

I have already created my streetlamp model, it is just the lighting effect I need help with.

depends how
try this one for an old lantern

but if you need some light on the foor yo can add another spot light to show this effet

hope it helps


I have recently provided one in my last library pack for littleneos’ script Blended Cities. The blend is in the " proubal " zipped folder downloadable on my site. Juste follow the link :