How to create a sun in blender? Help please!

I was building a model of the solar system, i got the Earth and the Moon and etc…
But how do i make the sun?

what do you want about it other than being a large yellow textured sphere?

Well, first of all, i dont have the right texture,i dont know where to get it.
And besides a sphere with a texture would not look realistic.

Try making a yellow sphere with a halo texture, and then an orangish cloud texture, and another texture to make the dark sun spots. Dunno how good this will turn out, but if you’re good at using Blender’s textures, you should be able to make a decent sun.

I tryed it with a halo texture, but it would not come out right :frowning:
it would come out like a big yellow ball with a big white spot in the middle,
i dont know, maybe i am doing some thing wrong :frowning:

For things like this, you really just need to experiment and learn as you go. What you should read up on is texturing and lighting. Between the two, you should be able to get what you want.


Is this the kind of thing you want to create?

have a look at the image here:

you will see that in space that from space the sun is a brilliant white. and that only if you are doing a science animation should you put the orange / fire effects in there.

below is a CGI sun:

it isnt as realistic but it is perhaps more acheivable.

kind regards

Why not a sun like this?


Or something like this ?

Is this the kind of thing you want to create?

Yes, exectly someting like this, or at least something similar.