How to Create a Tattoo or Brand in Cycles?

I am attempting to put a tattoo or brand on UV mapped human skin. I have a png file of the tattoo/brand with an alpha channel where I want the skin to show through.

I selected the faces in the mesh where I wanted the tattoo to go, and uwrapped it to a UV Map, and applied the PNG file to the mapping in an Image Texture node. I then combined the Image Texture of the skin with the UV Map of the tattoo/brand with a Mix Shader.

What I get is the entire skin image in the area I unwrapped. The tattoo/brand is on top of it as I intended.

The tattoo/brand is also all over the body.

So I have the tattoo or brand on top of the skin image in both the area I have unwrapped to place the tattoo, and the entire body.

How are the two mappings separated? My attempt at this is available for download here: Warning: nudity

The blend is no good…big file not proper file? What I got from pastall would not load, could not amend or link.
I was thinking that the section that you wanted to have the tattoo could be a vertices group that is unwrapped and place separate and given that material?

I am new if this is all off… :slight_smile:

Good luck

Rename the file to keep the zip file extension, drop the .blend from the end and then unzip.

As for how to do this, I would suggest using the alpha image as a brush mask for painting the tattoo onto the diffuse channel image. This can be done in blender.

the main problem is that the uvmap you are using also contains the other faces of the body (although hided) in the same place as the tattooed faces.
a better approach is to use 2 uvmaps, one for the whole body, with the tattoed faces in the correct place (filling the hole in the leg!);
and another uvmap with the tattooed faces as they now are, but with all the other faces move to the sides. then just use this shader setup:

here’s the blend corrected:

Pasteall will accept files with the .blend extension only. The image files linked to in the materials needed to be included in the upload. So I zipped everything together and added the .blend extension. I should have included instructions in my post to remove the .blend extension and unzip. I apologize for excluding that. :slight_smile:

I was able to duplicate what you did on a new file and got it working. Thanks, and most especially for the upload. I would not have been able to get my own working without that file.

For those who read this thread after the uploaded files expire, the UVMap in the Attribute node is the second UVMap containing the unwrap in the tattooed area, and with all other body faces moved out of the grid area in the UV/Image editor (moved aside).

The top Image Texture node links to the image texture for the entire body, and bottom one links to the image texture for the tattoos.

You can pack the files in the .blend and enable compress in save as dialog. First link in my signature takes you to instructions on how to prepare a .blend for upload.

Thanks for the file info… on the zip rename.