How to create a texture?

Hi folks.

I’m currently building some rocks for a game, (not blender game) the modelling is fine and I’m using simple noise textures to create the look I want.

But of course when I export the models the textures are lost.

How can I turn the noise texture I’m using for a model into a file I can later apply in my game engine? Or if you can’t do this, what are the alternatives? I guess I’m meaning bump maps, but this is an area I don’t know much about yet!


In the Render / Bake panel there are options to bake the existing texture to an image similar to how you would bake a normal map.
Do a search forBlender Bake Texture Tutorialand you’ll get lots of results. You haven’t said whether you are using the blender render or cycles render materials. The baking method is slightly different so use the appropriate tutorial