How to create a tree under 2000 tris

Hey guys. So I’m going to start making some trees. But they’re all flat since the cylinders is flat. Someone told me to use Dynamic Topology in Sculpting mode, but I did that before and it just skyrocketed the poly count. So is there like a step by step tutorial on making trees?

When you have sculpted your tree with dyntopo, you can try to use the Decimate modifier and edit the ratio until the triangle count in the header fall into less than 2000.
Sometime the decimation is not very usefull though, but sometime i can deliver acceptable result, give it a try on your dyntopo sculpt.

Additionally, there’s a sapling/tree addon for Blender, enable it at File -> User Preferences -> Addons
In the “Add Curve” category you should find the “Sapling” addon.

Once enabled, Click on Add, then Curve then Add Tree and press F6 (or look in the bottom of the toolshelf, at the operator panel, but F6 is more convenient to use in my opinion) to edit the settings, enable “Bevel” on it to give the tree some depth.
Note : in the F6 setting header, it’s on Geometry by default, there are other settings, but when you change them, you’ll need to re-click F6 to have the panel updating.

You can check while editing the settings on the header how much triangles this is going to be.

When finished you can convert the tree to a mesh (as it’s a curve object by default) with ALT+C -> Mesh from Curve, then use the Decimate modifier and edit the ratio until you get it to less than 2000 tris.

Use a tree generator for realtime engines. If you don’t want to use the tree, you can at least study it :slight_smile: