How to create an adjustable Network of Roads with Sidewalks etc

Hi there…my first post here…

Most of my projects include rebuilding roads, sidewalks etc. from Google Maps/Earth in order to get the surrounding area right for our new buildings.

I have some models prepared that i can combine via Boxmodeling.

I experimented with Splines and Sweep Modifier but it is more difficult to connect different Road Types since the meeting edges are not prepaired for connecting like my prepared models via Box Modeling.

I often need to be able to change curve radius of new roads. I saw some Tutorials on Youtube an Google about Creating Roads with Blender but most dont tackle the task of turnings.

How do you tackle such a task?

I found this Addon Thread here:

But it only generates one road…no turnings.

Not sure what you mean by turnings. Just a thought (I’m no expert at this sort of thing): I use a bezier curve and an array modifier to create some simple roads (see picture), but you could do more detailed modeling and get good results.The start and end caps could be used to make intersections, forks, lane drops, etc.

Thank you for your answer @Safetyman
For example:

Combining different types of roads/sidewalks. Hope this helps…

I don’t think there will be an automatic solution for every road situation. A lot of what you want will probably have to be manually done.

@Safetyman thanks for the effort.

Seems like there is no easy solution for my task. Roads seem to be not that interessting for most VIZ Projects. :wink:

I will keep experimenting with this…i will update the Thread if i find a easier way.