How to create an menu?

hey guys I m trying to create an menu where the player can chose the filters and this kind of stuff.
What I want to know is how Can I create an resolution menu, you know, pixel x pixel, I dont know if its possible, but if someone knows please give me a hand.
And about to turn a filter on other scene based on the choices in this first menu, I thought to create a scene for each one of the filters, but its a bad ideia i ll hav to create a lot of scenes, Maybe if there is a way to send messages betwen scene itll work.
Help me if please.

Wait, by “filter” do you mean the 2d filters…?
To remove one of those with a menu-like thing, first make your actual menu in another scene and set up something, say a plane, so that when you do something, say press a button, it sends a message to something in the original scene, say the character, telling it to remove the filter.
The actual menu can come up when you press a button or something…
It all really depends on what you want to happen and how…
All that gives you something like this:


example4.blend (224 KB)

awesome thanks a lot, this way I can make like in the games that you have a first menu with options game start an so on? I want to change the filters in other scene and then when I start the game and go to the game scene my filter change as I put on my menu( the first scene)!
I ll try what you told now, Thanks!

I found this reference on on the custon dysplay menu, but I cant make it work its something like this that I need.
Please help if you can.

Well what’s not working exactly?
Did you

change all references to “joyTest2.blend” and “joyTest2.bat” (lines 14 and 19 in “SaveToBat” and line 8 in “RunGame”)?

I think that im probably stupid and cant understand that, I dont know how to use this, how can I make my game start when I press start game? Im new on blender so sorry about this.

someone please, im getting totally frustated here, its hard to work with blender because the documentation is a rare thing to find, and when I find it its outdated, I m working with BGE for about 3 months, every day, but im not improving anymore, and I allways face python I tryed to learn, I made the social tutorial, but i m still confuse, someone please help or tell me where to find help because im tired to being stuck every time that I start a project.

Well this website provides a lot of resources and such for the game engine and blender in general
And for the menu it’d probably be easier to make your own from scratch… All it really comes down to is an overlay scene, a variety of sensors with a bunch of scene/game actuators and this code hooked up to an always sensor

import Rasterizer

Here’s an example:


example4.blend (837 KB)

Thank you a lot, if you have a project on the blender s comunity or something count on me i ll try to suport with the knowledge that I have,is not that much as you see.

Hehe, sure thing! :wink:
Glad to help…

Thank you…