How to create animation of a moving cube?

I am trying for the animation of two cubes as given in chapter 25"The sequence editor" of blender2.41. The url is " ". i have placed both the lamps in same location in 3D window , one of plain white and another of blue color. Both the lamps are in the left hand side of the cube. I pressed the anim button . But i did not see the animated view of the cube . In every frame , from frame 1 to frame 61, only a blue environment comes. Why am i unsuccessful to create an animation of a cube moving into view,rotating once and then disappearing? Is there any specified position for the two lamps or the camera? Plz guide me. I could not send the blender file as attachment for your convenience.
Thanking you.
Sikha Devi

You can’t attach .blend files to this forum, you can post your file to somewhere like or, then post the link here.

Before doing this tutorial, have you managed to just do a basic animation of a cube and render it (without using the sequence editor) ?

Did you keyframe (press the “i” key) after changing the current frame, and then moving / rotating the cube?


Also, in the 3D view, you can press NUM0 to get into the camera’s view. Do you see the cube? If not, fiind out where the cube is in relation to the camera. Also, while looking at the cube in the 3D view, you can run the animation with Alt-A over the 3D view. That way you can check to see if the cube is moving at all or not.