How to create bones and vertex groups

I want only one bone for the pliers of that robotic arm. How can I have one bone rotate both parts of the pliers?

So the bone would rotate two vertex groups. The other group would have z-rotation inverted. How?

(I don’t know if “pliers” is the right word, but I mean the things at the end of the arm.)

If you think of the “pliers” as a hand with two fingers, you’d do it like this:

  1. Have one bone running the length of the hand.
  2. Select the end of the bone and push tab to go into edit mode
  3. Push “E” to extrude a new bone. Extrude that to the bottom of the first “finger” extrude again to get to the end of the first “finger”
  4. pick the end of the “hand” bone and repeat for the second finger.
  5. Tab out of edit mode and skin as usual (select the mesh, then the bones, and push ctrl+p to parent. Choose the type of skinning you want - usually bone heat.)

Hope that helps!

But that will make two bones for the fingers, and the animation won’t look like it was a robot.

I want one bone, which will open/close both fingers/jaws at the same time.

You could use the Transformation constraint:

The attached file has one set up for you to check out.


RoboticHandRigControl.blend (148 KB)

Thanks, exactly what I mean. :slight_smile: