How to create bulkheads perpendicular with joint on model ship hull?


I’m modifying a model Tirpitz warship to 3D print in sections. I’m attempting to create bulkheads at the joints of each section but I’m struggling to find a reliable method of doing this.

So far I’ve tried using Bisect to create subdivides and then Extrude Region (Vertex Normals) which has the desired effect, however the extrusion is not flat along the same axis as the joint due to the shape of the hull. The bulkhead will be oriented on the bed of the printer so it must be perfectly flat. As you can see from the images below, the bulkhead is slightly bowed outwards:

Can anyone provide a better solution for this? I’ll have to do this 22 times for the ends of each section so a fast and reliable solution would be appreciated!

Many thanks

redo the part on the left
remove most of the left wall but one vertical line

select all verts and Scale to 0 along X axis !
after you can extrude along X axis!

hope it helps

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Thanks a lot, I actually figured it out somewhat after typing this out, as is often the case!

I’m not sure I understand your solution. What I did was to select all the inner vertices of the bisected section, then Pressed E to extrude, then Esc, then S to scale, which pretty much had the desired effect, like so:


However, as you can probably tell, the vertices at the top are slanted downwards, which isn’t actually too much of an issue. The other problem is the extrusion is thinner towards the centre.

If you could elaborate on your solution it would be much appreciated.

Thanks again.

pic was not added !
can you upload again
I think you need up to 10 post before adding pics in post here !
then use may be

can you draw by hand what you mean may be !

like walls bulkheads inside should be at 90 degrees to the center of the boat no the external walls which have a gradient
so more difficult to do I guess

always follow the main global axis
makes life a lot easier for extruding !

so bulkhead wall shall be extruded along main Y axis !
and not following normal of external wall!

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I’ve cracked it using your suggestion of scaling on the x axis to zero. Thanks a lot for your help!

Maybe you didn’t use bisect in the ortho view and adjust the plane normal on the operator panel afterwards