How to create Condensation & Water Droplets on a pint glass?

Hi, I’m completely new to 3d design and have been trying my best to learn Blender using the free tutorials on Youtube etc.

Most of you will know the Blender Guru tutorial ( with the beer glass which I have been following but trying to create my own shape glass etc, as I would love to use it for a drinks client (I’m a graphic designer) but at the moment it looks a bit flat. Has anybody followed this tutorial and then added condensation and water droplets to the outer of the glass?

I have seen some examples on Google but I don’t quite know where to start, do I just add a new texture to the glass texture/nodes, I did try this by following a condensation tutorial on Youtube but for whatever reason it would not show up on the glass (

If anybody has any advice on this it would be greatly appreciated??


One way is to make a group of water droplets and then use a particle system on the glass as an emitter and then use the drops you created as the objects for the particles.

Older tutorials here but can be used on current versions of 2.8, with or without some tweaking.