How to create custom button GUI Blender 2.6+


i’ve found this tutorial for old UI :

Is there any kind of tutorial for the blender 2.6 GUI ?


2.6x UI is mostly py scripted, you can create custom panels with buttons without touching C code:

Thks coDEmanX
But my question is about to draw custom button (shape, height,custom Color) ? This is py or C++?

property types and subtypes are represented in the UI in a certain way, the type determines the appearance. There’s little control over the look. The instructions how a presentation is like, is coded in C. You could add new types and program the drawning of the look. But as it means you need a customized blender, you could rather patch the py-button code in and do the actual drawning with python.

I believe Ideasman is working on pure-py buttons, no idea about the status though.

@Sjoerd: see floo’s post, that’s pure python. But you need to patch that feature into blender, as it won’t be merged into trunk (bad performance). But hoping ideasman finds a better working solution :slight_smile:

Ok this is slightly off topic. Just watched Andrew Price’s UI proposal video, he made some good valid points to change layout and functionality. Would one of you maybe make a custom build for graphicall to test workflow in that environment?