How to 'Create from Bone Heat' while parenting in Blender 2.58 ?

Hi Everyone,

I’m a beginner & am learning how to use Blender by following the online Wikibooks guide Blender 3D: Noob to Pro.Unfortunately most of the guide is written for earlier versions of Blender which had a completely different interface.

I have a problem while adding bones to a model. After creating an Armature by repeated extrusions & selecting the model & armature in the appropriate order, I pressed Ctrl+P to parent the model to the armature the submenu “Set Parent To” has these options:-

  • Object
  • Armature deform
  • With empty groups
  • With envelope weights
  • With Automatic weights
  • Bone

The guide says that an option called ‘Create from bone heat’ must appear. I’m unable to find it. I tried all the options mentioned above but none of them gave the desired results.

Please help.Thanks in advance. :smiley:

P.S: Sorry I couldn’t provide the URL of the guide. New users cannot post URL’s :no:

I believe the closest equivalent to that in the modern age of Blender would be “with automatic weights.” When you choose that, the skin will be “automatically” painted to the armature per each bone. That way, you don’t have to weight paint the whole thing. And it does a very nice job, too.
I’ve been working with this very choice myself a lot lately, as I’ve gotten very into motion capture, and by using “with automatic weights” I’m able to weight paint a skin to the motion capture armature that is imported in when using mocap files. And it does a very good job automatically.
If you’d like to see an example of my very first motion capture using the “with automatic weights” option, here is the video:

the closest equivalent to that in the modern age of Blender would be “with automatic weights.”
I tried it just now & then tried moving the bones in Pose mode. The guide said that the Mesh would move along with the bone. Unfortunately, it didn’t happen.

EDIT:Sorry AdamEtheredge.You were right,the Automatic Weights option did the trick. Must have made a mistake the first time I tried. Thanks a lot;base64,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

Hmmm. I was having similar trouble when I tried this approach myself with my mocap chick there, especially when there were other characters or things in the scene.
Okay, now… try moving a bone, then going to object mode, then back to pose mode. Does that help at all? (sometimes mine acts as if it has to “realize” that a bone has been moved…)
Is there anything else in the scene? Or is the character and armature all you’ve got?