How to create golden fluid/smoke/particle effect similar to Taylor Swift's willow music video?

Taylor Swifts music video has these golden particle/fluid/smoke simulation. It is like a glowing pipe which has particles & smoke or fluid or both coming out randomly.

I understand fluid simulation and smoke simulation, but this effect seems to be a mix of those. Any ideas on how to make this effect?

Here are some screenshots from the video:

Here it looks smoke is emitted.

Here the golden smoke/particle seem to be mixing into water.

Here it looks like glowing fluid.

Please help. :sweat_smile:

Looks like simple smoke and particles, mainly, with the rope working as the emitter (seems like it’s been manually rotoscoped over a real rope/ribbon in the footage)

And yes in the last clip it does look like some sort of fluid sim


The basic principle is that when flow is more dense that hot, it falls.
To make smoke falls, you just have to give to the emitter a negative temperature.

You can have old particles being influenced by a Fluid Flow force field using smoke simulation.
A Turbulence force field can be used to create turbulence in both flow.

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Also, how does the material work here? More glow towards the center and more glass/water material as it goes further towards the end.