How to create green felt

I want to create the model of a Black Jack-Table and for that, I need to make a realistic kind of green felt to cover it with. I was thinking about static particles, i.e. grass-like, but maybe there is a better way? Any ideas?

show the image of your model then it can be considered that which type felt will be better.

It depends on how close the camera will be to your model. If it’s going to be sitting right on the felt table top, you’ll need to use particles for a very curly type of grass. If not, experiment with the Minnaert shader, which is good for doing lush fabrics. Also, if you’re not going to sit the camera right on the surface a nice high resolution image of felt mapped to your table top would be excellent.

you’v got some tut on this subject

for rug ot things like that

would be interesting to check this out in more details


Haven’t got the model yet, but the camera will be pretty close so it will have to be particles unless the shader helps. Thanks a lot, I will try to post the results.

This should be good, hope you can make it work.

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