how to create grid like this image ?

Does anyone know how to model the grid in this image ?
Please help me, thank you.

make a real 3D model with bevel curves

or use Gimp to make like a bump map only !

happy bl

You can try something simple using arrays tricks, start with adding a circle, press F6 and change the amount of vertices to 6 , with a ngon fill

Then in Edit Mode, select the mesh , press I and inset a bit with the mouse

Select the central ngon face and delete it

And then in Object Mode use 2 array modifiers set like that to start your grid :
1st array with Count : 50 and X to 1.0 Y and Z being on 0.0
2nd array with Count : 50 , X = 0.010 and Y = 0.750 , Z stay on 0

After that apply both modifiers, the one on top first then the 2nd one

Enable EXTRA OBJECTS add on. after that HONEYCOMB is available in regular add mesh menu MESH >> EXTRA OBJECTS >> HONEYCOMB

Wow, i really learn something new everyday, i had no idea there was this mesh available in there (extra objects -> misc object -> honeycomb) , very configurable with the F6 menu too.
Thanks for pointing it.