How to Create Hole through Cylinder Top


I have seen many threads about creating hole through a cylinder body, but I need to make hole through a cylinder, through the top and bottom.

I can make the holes with the “Knife” tool, but then how do I create the inner wall once I have holes in top and bottom.

Please see attached pics for an idea of where I am with this question.



You’ll need to create the inner wall by selecting the vertices and creating faces.

Select two vertices on one hole, hold down shift and select the opposing two vertices on the other hole and press ‘f’. Repeat for each face.

For a quicker way select the top ring of edges and the botton ring of edges. Press F and select Skin Face/Edge Loops. This will fill the inner faces in one go.



or you can select one of the inner circles like you have in the screenshots, and extrude it down so it’s close to the other side and use the w key and select merge for each set of vertices.


there are millions of ways to do this. You could also select one of the edge loops (alt click in edge mode) then extrude it (e) then move it down exactly on top of the other edge loop. It has to be exact. then select all and remove doubles. Richard’s way is the best though in this situation imo. The new polys created from skin face/edge loops may have their normals reversed though, so don’t forget to select all, ctrl+n, recalc norms outside.

Maspeir: What you suggested worked fine–thanks.

Richard: I tried your method and I kept getting the error “No vertloops found”

The extrude and combine methods, I’ll try in the next situation.

Thanks for all of the help, and quick replies.


Thanks for all of your help!



very nicely modelled. is it a part of something?