How to create holes in complex geometry?

Hi, let me explain my situation.
I’m modeling the sword below and I wish to make the 3 circle-shaped holes in the guard. I’m aware that Boolean in a thing but I’m often told to avoid it.

I also want to texture this sword after, specifially using Substance Painter, so it’s important that the UVs don’t get ruined.

Thank you in advance!

I’d do a booelan cut and clean up the topology afterwards manually, including the UVs

I tried that I still had a lot of trouble with the UVs. I’m still not very good at cleaning the topology, so maybe that was the problem. Thank you anyway.

Try this. . . it’s just an example.

Overview, the guard of the sword with the objects that will be used to cut it (Boolean).

Here, a view of the mesh used. . . with the boolean applied.

An overview of UV unfolding .

For this piece there is no particular difficulty. . . :wink:

If you have difficulty with Booleans using Blender’s default modifier, I strongly suggest that you activate the “Bool Tool” addon present in the various addons supplied with Blender.
It is more “visual” using the [Brush Boolean].
The object that you use as Boolean switches to wireframe mode and so you can directly see the result of the operation.
You can move, rotate, resize your Bool object. . .

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