How to create landscape based on landscape contours/elevations from a property survey

I am a young attorney who was an engineer before going to the dark side. As a result, I have some experience with computer aided drafting and some programming. I would like to use blender to create some 3d models for a pending environmental case. I would like to create a landscape that illustrates the exact topography of the property at issue before development. I am trying to find the easiest way to do this. I can import the property survey with all the elevation lines as a background image. From here I am at a loss for an easy solution. In Autocad we can draw a line that follows the contours of the background image and then pull that line up to the correct elevation. Any suggestions? I hope I am missing an easy option. Below is a small of example of something similar to what I am trying to follow.


I don’t think there is an “easy” solution for this. I have a friend who has been searching for years for such an import pipeline for Blender.

If you can get a DEM file for the land in question you are at a better starting point.

A simple scan of, like you have displayed, leaves you at the point of hand tracing it, then roughing out the elevations.

The easiest way I can think of would be to use an image editor to fill every stripe in that map in a different shade of grey (in a gradient from black for the lowest areas to white for the highest) and add it as a displacement modifier (create texture using the image, then select the texture for the modifier) to a fairly subdivided plane.

an other way: draw the lines in inkscape and import the svg, join, convert to mesh and use bridge from LoopTools addon to bridge contours in pairs… just did a quick test and worked for me.

Yes, that’s what I was thinking. If you know the range of the elevation heights - let’s say zero to 100 feet, you could be very precise - elevation zero = 100% black, elevation ten feet = 10 % white, all the way to 100% white = the highest points. You’d end up with a fairly jagged terrain, that could be smoothed. Or you could control the smoothness in photoshop. Example:

did antbody was able to read the data from theses files directyl into blender?

if there is already a plugin for this should be easy 1 guess
then it’s only a matter to make the mesn may be with a point cloud script !

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While ideally I would like to do everything within Blender, this is one of the tasks for which I will use SketchUp: import the .dwg or .dxf drawing, use the sandbox tools and export as collada, then import in Blender. Unfortunately recent free versions of SketchUp no longer import dwg files so you might need to go the AutoCAD - Blender - SketchUp - Blender route.

I believe there are laws that must be followed if you are presenting visual data in a courtroom situation. Any variation or “fudging” of data may dismiss the evidence as being fabricated.

do you have the format for these files?

or may be ask in python if someone can rad files with such a format

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