How to create mesh with specified number of vertices/side and columns and rows?


There are so many buttons, menus, fields etc, it is extremely difficult to find the ones for what you want to do.

How do you create mesh or object with a specified number of vertices or sides, and columns and rows?


Spacebar > Add > Mesh ?

“Spacebar > Add > Mesh ?”

Thanks. That let’s me pick a shape, but it doesn’t prompt me for the number of vertices and columns and rows.

Spacebar > Add > Mesh > Plane.
Switch to Edit Mode Hot Key [Tab].
Select Mode to Edge from icon or Hot Key [Tab] + [Ctrl].
Hot Key [A] to deselect all edges.
Select top and bottom edge of plane.
Hot Key [W] to bring up Special functions.
Select Subdivide Multi and enter number of division, select [Ok].

The plane will get divided by the number you entered; in this case the number of columns. Now do the same for all of the vertical edges to get the rows.

neuroplulse, this is the most basic stuff. If you want to use blender please look at the manual and read/watch tutorials or you will struggle just trying without any knowledge.
Essential Blender book
Noon to Pro wikibook
Blender bassics video tutorials


Thank you so very much!

Blender is so unintuitive and user-unfriendly it makes me cry tears of frustration :frowning: