How to create metal textures quickly?

I’ve got a scene where most of the objects are made up of lots of different smaller objects. This is annoying because It’s going to take me forever to texture each individual object. Is there any faster way to do this?

If not I’d have to export a UV for every object, texture it in Gimp, and then send it back into blender…

you could use texture painting
might be faster and easier

see wiki page on this subject
or find good video


Can’t answer your question, but I am really digging your model! Very cool!

For some reason I’m trying to texture a light LED, but the writing on the LED is a UV texture that has been exported and I only wrote on the alpha then exported it.

It should show the material and only the writing will be visible as the texture. This is so that light can shine around the letters. But will it work? And right now the transparent parts of the UV aren’t transparent when used as a texture after exporting it back into blender.