how to create multi operator addon

hi im doing small for sculpting and its working inside blender from text editor but when im trying to export as zip from autocomplete addon its not working
below im adding blend file


new (18.5 KB)

Can you be more specific? What do you mean by not working? Not installing? It installed for me.

It’s only working one option and I did some search on YouTube now I’m making into one file it’s working good and I want add some features to it for mesh clean up and clip brush type inside sculpt mode. Do you see any usefulness for this options, I’m learning zbrush and this things pretty common there. So I want bring them here.

Ideas for add on when you boolean it’s creat one object but won’t creat single mesh so when that happens we need manually cleans. And I want clean it with one click. And another one scale and rotation of masked area.