How to create non-Newtonian fluid?

If you’ve ever played with non-newtonian fluid, then you know that under quick extreme motions that it will crack and then melt.

I was wondering, is there a way to simulate this in blender?? Like having a cube or something fall on a tip of a triangle or something, breaks/cracks apart and then melts?

There is no easy solution to do this, but if you like to animate it, start with fracture modifier (addon included in blender).
At some point youl have to set the smaller parts to becomme fluid sources, it wont be ideal since a fluid re-estimates the shape in a fine grid. so you grid has to be small to match the objects shape, and that would cost a lot of cpu power, huge render times.
And still you would have to take distance since there will be no exact shape match

I would be able to do it with GPU render though, ya? I have a 780 card.

High res fluid baking will take a long time. You may have the best graphics card in the world but it won’t speed up this baking process

I doubt you can simulate this accurately but there might be ways to fake it. For instance, if you use a fluid particle system rather than fluid domain sim, I believe you can keyframe fluid viscosity/stiffness and you might even be able to drive it by some external variable. You might be able to do something with Molecular and keyframe the particle linking, but I’m not sure how that interacts with fluids.