How to create object instances at the vertices of another object?

I would like to create instances of an object (let’s say a coin/disc/cylinder) at the vertices of another object (let’s say an icosphere).
How can this be done?

My final goal is to expand/scale the sphere while preserving the size of the coins.

That would be particle system, set to Emit from Verts and Object used to Render. Hope Object scale wont change while scaling sphere.

Add a particle system to the icosphere.
Emit from vertices.
Number of particles should equal number of verts in the icosphere.
Emit frames: Start=1, End = 1.
Render particles as Objects, referencing the coins.
If the scene is animated you’ll have to tweak other things like lifetime, Normal velocity etc.

With a particle system, the object scale won’t change. It would change if you used a Duplivert object.

you could also use duplivert !


I have got my coins at the vertices of an icosphere using a particle system. Thanks.
However I would like to have a different orientation of the coins.
Not standing up, but flat to the surface of the icosphere.
How can I do that?

The coins do not scale while scaling the icosphere.

(I will look into dupliverts later!)


check Rotation in Particle system Render for Object, play with Emitter object Velocity x,y,z and Coin’s orientation. Not certain how it all works together, hope you’ll manage to rotate them in a right way :).