How to create preferences for add-on

Hey, I’m trying to follow the Blender Docs on how to create preferences for an add-on (like this example):
Screen Shot 2021-01-11 at 2.49.46 PM and I’m having no luck, mainly because the documentation is from version 2.65 and it doesn’t work with newer versions. I checked StackExchange and got an answer that looked better, but it also doesn’t work. Searching this forum didn’t pull anything up either. Does anyone have just a basic, bare-bones template for add-on preferences?

You can look at the code of an addon that has preferences like Dynamic Brush Menus, but I’d recommend Grid Modeler because has various prefs and a very clean code.

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I appreciate the suggestion :slight_smile: I don’t have grid modeler and I don’t really need it. I’ve looked at some source code for some add-ons with preferences, but so far they are all very complicated in structure. I’m just looking for something super basic.

Have you tried this tutorial:

Should work for 2.8+
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thank you, this is very helpful!