How to Create Round Walls?

I haven’t used Blender in years, and finally decided to try it again for a project of mine. I have been stuck on this problem for hours now so I am hoping someone can help a newbie. I want to create basically a half-cyllinder at the end of my room. I have already started making the spiral stairs that will curve along it, but now I am stumped.

  1. What would be the best way to create the curved wall as illustrated in my picture below? I tried taking a cyllinder, and just cutting half of it off, but realized that I can’t figure out how to insert a loop cut in the top of it (ctrl+R won’t put one on the top/bottom faces).

  2. I made my stairs way too long. When I move them into position (they are already pretty close) there is going to be very little space in the middle of them. Is there any good way for me to correct them, or do I need to completely start over on them? There has to be a good way to get semi spiral stairs to go along the edge of a curved wall without too many headaches right?

  1. I’d say use a circle, cut it down to the right shape then just extrude it up.

  2. Not too sure about that one but I’d try using a lattice and lattice modifier to manipulate it and if that didn’t work I’d just pop into edit mode and start tweaking it.

Here’s a link to a lattice tutorial that’s quite helpful if you need it

You could just model straight stairs+wall and use a Curve modifier +Mirror Modifier to get the effect. That should give you enough control so that changing the length of the stairs to fit won’t be a huge hassle.
Just stairs alone always gave me a headache though so I know how it feels.

why dont you just select all the verts on the side where you want the wall duplicate, then scale the wall on the Z axis for height?

months later i realize the irrelevance to this…in fact. this makes no sense at all, the first post about lattices would work much better…guess that shows how far Ive come